Tuesday, February 2, 2010

English Tutoring

My week has been super busy.  I've recntly agreed to give three Korean business people some English tutoring--free of charge--three mornings a week for a while.  My first meeting with them is this morning and I spent a couple hours last night preparing.  Rigid gender lines between younger generations are beginning to soften, but tutees are two older men and and that may be little bit weird for me.  Since I've come to Korea, the only older man that I've met has been my doorman, Mr. Han, but he's one of the sweetest and most Westernized people I've met here (he was a KATUSA--Korean in assistance to the US Army--for two years and then a military cook for many years after, mingling with American soldiers and practicing his English for more than a decade in country).  So I hope we can all be respectful to each other.  :)

So tutoring this morning and tomorrow morning, and then on Thursday night, I need to finish getting my entire apartment packed and cleaned so my friend's Gideon and Diana can come and help me move early Friday morning.  Well, none of us work until around 2pm, so early for us means 9am.  I offered to buy them lunch after we finish--AND NOT A MINUTE SOONER!  hehe.  This weekend I need to go out and buy myself some apartment warming plants.  OH, AND! while I was moving stuff around, I found W100,000 that I had stashed a couple of months ago in a secret hiding spot!  Pretty cool, huh?  I'm probably just going to to use it to pay bills, but whatev's.  Kay wish me luck on my move! 

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