Thursday, February 25, 2010

Such a Lovely Day!


How'd you get so gorgeous allasudden?  It's 59 degress outside in February.  That NEVER happens in Minnesota, and I'm not missing it at all at the moment.  I bounced into work today, watched Korean figure skater Kim Yeon A win the gold medal on my coworkers DMB (television capabilities on your cell phone), and wanted to talk about how awesome I felt about the weather and up-coming weekend. 

Vanessa: So, any plans for the long weekend?
Katie: -silence, while staring down at the ground-
Janice: -somber- No, nothing special.
Katie: -turning to me, looking like she decided to answer my question afterall- koreankoreankorean.
Janice: koreankoreankorean.
Katie: morekoreankoreankorean.

Thanks for sharing my enthusiasm, guys.  You're real pals on this gorgeous spring day.  Don't worry; I'll get over it you ignoring me.  I always do.  : /

After work, I'm going to take my kite out to Central Park in Pyeongchon, a huge open space in which I've seen young and old ones alike flyng their kites.  I wish I had someone to take pictures. 


  1. Hope you are using that one kite we flew that random summer day last august... :) sounds like a real nice afternoon.

  2. 59? wow. I'm excited that it's supposed to get upto 40 on Friday here in the "wonderful" town of Whitewater.